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MobileMonday Lithuania


Lithuanian mobile community meets in the first local “MobileMonday” event

Tuesday, 2008 May 13

Vilnius, 12th of May, 2008 – On the 12th of May the first “MobileMonday” event in Lithuania took place. In this way the practice of mobile community members to gather for discussions about mobile market news and topicalities every first Monday of the month, was started world. In the first “MobileMonday” meeting in Lithuania, the participants discussed on the topic “Mobile content: where are we heading to? 5 years vision”.
„By initiating „MobileMonday“ in Lithuania we want to encrease the cooperation of mobile market companies and encourage to create success stories not only on a local level, but also in international markets. We know from our own experience that Lithuanian companies have potential for this“, - said Ilja Laurs, the head of “GetJar” world’s largest portal of mobile applications and games.


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